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Introducing WorxWell: Tools for Getting Us Back Safely

For offices, restaurants, retail spaces, cultural landmarks, and more, WorxWell instills confidence for users to safely gather indoors and responsibly coexist with COVID-19.

Through a suite of technology-enabled tools, WorxWell provides business owners and operators with:

  • Transparency: Data-driven, real-time insights for leaders, employees, and customers regarding the overall wellness of an indoor space
  • Compliance: Rich tools to ensure adherence to critical safety protocols, such as capacity thresholds, mask-wearing, social distancing, air quality, and more
  • Empowerment: Flexible tools delivered through an app and dashboard to help users stay ahead of public health threats like the coronavirus

WorxWell is powered by RxWell, a dynamic, data-driven platform that uses cutting-edge technology to enable safe and responsible re-opening of indoor space. RxWell was developed by RXR’s Digital Lab in partnership with Microsoft and built on its Azure cloud computing platform.

Be Safe, Feel Safe, and Stay Safe with WorxWell.

A comprehensive, data-driven set of tools to provide users with real-time information regarding a building’s overall wellness to instill a sense of confidence in the safety of reopening indoor activities. Insights include adherence to government-mandated public health capacity regulations; critical indoor environmental metrics such as CO2 and humidity, which can potentially impact COVID transmission; and enhanced building access protocols such as CDC-guided public health questionnaires and digital visitor management.

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A comprehensive, data-driven solution for restaurants to responsibly reopen indoor dining, while giving their customers peace of mind. The offering includes essential tools to monitor restaurant capacity, social distancing and mask compliance, temperature-taking, tracking and tracing capabilities, and maintaining optimum CO2 and humidity levels – key air quality metrics that can impact COVID transmission. All of this is centered around our proprietary Restaurant Wellness Index (RWI) – a single, easy-to-digest score for restaurant owners to track overall indoor dining wellness.

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A comprehensive, data-driven solution to support a safe return to the office for companies and their most important asset – their people. Features include space capacity management, workforce rotations, and administering digital CDC-guided public health questionnaires through the RxWell app to help ensure a safe re-officing environment. Company leaders have the option to add on additional functionality – such as virtual care or AI to monitor mask and social distancing compliance– to instill a greater sense of confidence that the indoor environment is safe.

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An AI-powered wellness protocol compliance monitoring program that provides a hassle-free compliance monitoring and reporting system. The program creates the infrastructure to automate the monitoring of adherence to wellness protocols and standards such as space capacity, social distancing, and mask-wearing in a physical space.

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A multi-pronged, proactive approach to preventing outbreaks before they happen. Our robust line of viral detection services provide (1) routine and on-demand COVID diagnostic testing and (2) proprietary technology that preemptively detects COVID-19 (and other public health threats such as the flu) on indoor surfaces and in the indoor atmosphere.

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Cutting-edge tools that use social distancing badges that vibrate and light up when users are within 6 feet of other badge users to promote and reinforce better social distancing behaviors. Data is collected and aggregated to create personal and community social distancing compliance scores. As an additional option, badges can be used to conduct contact tracing and comply with government public health regulations.

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The time to return to the great indoors is here, with RxWell.

At RXR, our mission is to provide the tools to safely and responsibly reopen our businesses and reignite our local economies. A world without public health threats like the coronavirus doesn’t exist, but with the tools embedded in the RxWell platform, we can learn to co-exist with the coronavirus and continue to move forward.

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